Get Free V Bucks Without Human Verification

free v bucks generator

That is the question which has haunted every Fortnite participant now. Luckily, we've got all of the strategies to get free v bucks without performing human affirmation or v bucks generator shits online.

Here, you will learn the 100% nearly possible methods to earn actual free v bucks for fortnite game which truly works.

Now, Fortnite is the world's greatest battle royale game you can play on your PC, Xbox Consoles, PlayStation Consoles, Nintendo Platforms, iOS devices and android devices too.

V Bucks are the top money in Fortnite game. Together with V Bucks, one can access any source in the game and become outfitted with everything to perform his best performance in the sport.

You can purchase v bucks with your actual world currency. But to be able to maintain your curiosity about gameplay and as an additional source to get v bucks, Fortnite also has a few in game provisions for users to earn v bucks by themselves.

Here are the methods listed below which may answer all of your questions about the best way best to have free v bucks in fortnite game.

Actionable Methods to Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

  1. Free V Bucks from Daily Login Reward System

Daily Login Reward System is now available in most of the popular games today. User get rewarded with in-game resources when they just login in the game daily.

In fortnite, after daily login; user get free skins, character accessories, or bunch of v bucks on any random day of the week. Each day user gets unique reward. If you login in the game on daily basis, there is one day confirmed in the week that is the free v bucks day for you. Don’t miss it.

  1. Finish All Homebase Storm Shield Missions

Do you want to generate 50 V Bucks per day? No, am not saying to use free v bucks generator don’t worry. Actually, I have one process that can generate free 50 v bucks for you on daily basis.

That is Homebase Storm Shield Missions. If you could manage to complete one homebase storm shield mission in a day, then you can get 50 free vbucks as a reward for completing the storm shield mission.

If you have left no storm shield missions to complete, don’t worry, you can still earn 50 v bucks by completing your friends storm shield missions with his/her permission.

Although, completing your friend’s storm shield mission will benefit you only. Your friends would not get the same reward for the missions that you have completed.

Expand your storm shield by defending it in the missions or by simply using amplifiers. Everyone loves expanding storm shield.

  1. V Bucks Reward from Daily Quests System

Just like daily login reward system, there are daily new missions available for all the users to complete and earn several rewards as a bonus in the game. We call it daily quests system.

Get as much as 150 free v bucks a day by completing daily quests challenge in the game. Completing each quest can give you 50 v bucks reward.

You can complete 3 quests maximum in a day. If you feel any quest that is too hard to complete, simply abandon it and you will get fresh quest replacement for the same.

There is no time limit to complete these quests for you. You can complete these quests anytime in your whole day.

  1. Focus on Leveling Up Your Collection Book

The collection book rewards user for collecting various elements in the game like Heroes, Survivors, Defenders and Schematics. Placing these elements in the collection book results in leveling it up.

Leveling up your collection book earns you lots of game resources as a reward including V Bucks.

There are total 350 Levels available to level up in the collection book. However, users can get v bucks on following level ups with minimum XP required.

Collction Book LevelMinimum XPReward
65450500 V Bucks
2620400500 V Bucks
9159750500 V Bucks
  1. Win 800 V Bucks from in-game Events

Events are as same as the quests we do in the game. These events are some general tasks specially organized to complete and earn rewards from them.

There are always several live events available in the game for us to take part in. We can easily take part in the live events and earn some instant v bucks for free.

The best part of the event system is that when you calculate the worth of total events you can complete in the game, it goes as much as up to 800 v bucks.

That means once completed, all of these events can get you 800 v bucks for free of cost.

Beware, you can only find these events and take part in them using the fortnite game and on All other third party websites, platforms or any such body offering you such events outside of the game are total scams and you should stay away from them.

  1. Major Story Quests – Complete Them

We feel that Major Story Quests of this game is not that important for us. But this is not true, you can still earn as much as 100 free v bucks without human verification at all just by completing these quests in the game.

Don’t ignore major story quests at least then; when you don’t find any other actionable way for instant v bucks for free.

  1. Buy Season Battle Pass and Unlock Items Worth 3500 V Bucks

You can buy season 5 battle pass today for $9.5 or 950 v bucks and unlock 100 rewards with 100 tiers; total worth of 3500 v bucks.

We need v bucks in order to get everything in the game and equip ourselves with the better resources right? If you are already getting these resources worth 3500 v bucks in just $9.5 today, I don’t think it is a bad deal at all.

Technically, you are giving 950 v bucks in exchange with 3500 v bucks. That means you are getting 2550 v bucks worth items.

  1. Side Quests – Don’t Forget Them

Just like Major Story Quests, Side Quests are also one of the profitable source to get v bucks for free in your account.

I know they are not that much intense in gaining plenty of v bucks, but they are still affordable to complete and bank up some free v bucks.

The combination of these side quests and regular events completion will surely help you getting free v bucks more than usual in your account.

  1. Buy V Bucks Packs to Get Discounted V Bucks

You might find this point useless to you, just because you are searching how to get v bucks without investing money. But trust me if we think technically, we could actually gain free v bucks when we buy them.

Fortnite always runs special offers to its v bucks buyers on daily basis. If you are a regular v bucks buyer, then you can understand what am trying to talk about.

For example: there is an offer currently live for v bucks buyers. Buy 6000 v bucks now and get 1500 v bucks for free. That means you are buying 6000 v bucks worth $60 and you get 1500 v bucks worth $15 absolutely free.

  1. Check for New Events and Latest Rewarding Tasks

Since fortnite is the top trending battle royale game being loved by gamers like you and me, Fortnite developers are always in the process of making it better for us by updating and adding new features in this game.

As a part of update, we regularly see new in-game tasks and v bucks rewarding events are being added in the game from time to time.

Fortnite developers are very well aware about users like us that we always are in the search for how to get free v bucks at no human verification.

This is the reason why they always introduce new methods to get v bucks for us in the game. You just need to keep reading the updates, news and official forums regarding the same methods.

  1. Purchase Fortnite Save the World Full Game Mode

Are you a regular buyer of v bucks packs from fortnite game? If yes, and you still don’t have purchased fortnite’s full game version that is save the world mode, then you are actually missing a broader opportunity to earn more than usual free v bucks from your in-game tasks.

With more attractive rewards for events, quests and in-game tasks, save the world mode will help you earning v bucks more than you are currently earning in the battle royale mode of the game. It is because, there are double the rewards available for each task you do in save the world mode.

Save the world mode of fortnite game will cost you around $39.99. But it will worth it if you are planning to earn v bucks from the methods we have given above to get free v bucks without investing money.

Switching to save the world mode will get you more goodies, better gameplay option, unlimited gifts and tiers unlocked and the vast opportunity to earn extra v bucks on daily basis.

  1. Opt for Legit G.P.T. Methods

For those who are playing Fortnite game on their gaming consoles, have this extra method to earn free v bucks using some G.P.T methods.

G.P.T. (Get Paid To) is the online system available for everyone to take part in and earn free gift cards for various services available online.

Since fortnite v bucks are also available in gift card forms, one can opt in one of the online G.P.T method and earn this gift card to get free v bucks in the game.

Basically in this method, you have to register on such G.P.T platform where you can do several online day to day tasks that you usually do on the internet; like surfing on the internet using their platform, online shopping from their sources, taking part in online surveys, reviewing products, playing games, doing fun stuff online etc.

Doing these things from G.P.T. platforms will earn you some G.P.T. points that can be later redeemed for getting your favorite gift cards like for v bucks in our case.

One of the examples of G.P.T platforms is

These are some of the legit ways you can use to get free v bucks no human verification needed for them.

However, as part of our little initiative of awareness about free v bucks generator tool, we have some real facts discovered for you to know more about it below.

Fortnite Free V Bucks Generators – What’s the Reality?

free v bucks

You must have encountered with such online sources that claims to offer you free v bucks no survey or human verification.

They say they have the option to generate infinite v bucks for free using their free v bucks generator. But that is nothing but a hoax created for you.

No one can create any such online tool that can instantly generate free v bucks currency just like that.

After all, V Bucks is the premium game currency and it is the income source for fortnite developers. Since it is very important to epic, how they can let anybody hack into it with that ease?

Here is the epic games official twitter handle for you to get more information regarding scams on fortnite game.

Don’t Use V Bucks Generators They Can Harm You

We urge you to not to use such scams like free v bucks generator or hacks like things for your game account. It is not only illegal, but you can also end up losing your gaming device due to virus infection or something similar to it.

We recommend don’t use any such online tools at all.

Final Words

You can easily earn free v bucks for your game account if you follow the real tips and tricks that we have mentioned above in the article.

Getting engaged with fortnite hacks or cheats can compromise your account for being permanently banned or much worst, you may also have to face some serious legal issues regarding it.

Never ever try to use such online third party sources, websites, tools, applications or anything that is not belong to fortnite or epic games.

You cannot get free v bucks unless you purchase them or by using the already available provisions in the game. There is no other way to get free v bucks.

We hope you understand all the ways to earn v bucks for your account. Just keep your account safe and have fun with fortnite.